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Information For Real Estate and Title Companies

 PLEASE refrain from duplicate request of these packages. 


If you email requesting a package, please do NOT follow up with a phone call.  It unnecessarily complicates things for us.  We will not return phone calls if an email has already been sent.  Also please be sure only ONE party requests information.  Title companies, brokers, mortgage companies, realtors, homeowners, and sellers should be informed that your request has been made.  It becomes too confusing when multiple requests are made for the same property and can end up in receiving two packages for twice the price.  

For information regarding resale packages, please visit our Contact page and send us a message with your request.  


Our resale package has a fee of $100. 

Payment is required prior to receiving the resale package. Payment can be mailed by check or paid via PayPal to  


Package will include:

Compliance Inspection - HOA will document any grandfathered items and any violations that will need correction prior to selling/disclosed to new owner

Resale letter/Compliance letter (after a check of property has been completed, ***inspection letter is good for 3 weeks from the date on the letter, after that date a new inspection must be requested)

Handbook - please specify if you are in need of a paper copy, otherwise a copy can be downloaded and viewed/printed from our website.

***Upon request, we can provide tax id, declaration of insurance, and budget documents.  

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