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Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee is made up of volunteers within the board.  They review submitted forms and decide on whether or not a project is approved.  The committee's goal is to maintain the integrity of our neighborhood and it's upkeep.  It is not the goal to hinder a homeowner from making improvements to their property.  They make every effort to work with a homeowner and provide suggestions/solutions for projects that are not approved. 


Eutaw Forest residents must go through the Architectural Committee to perform exterior changes to their property. The process is very simple and most of the time the requests are approved.  BEFORE any construction begins, submit your form to be approved 2 to 3 weeks in advance to avoid any problems or delays in your project. 


Failure to submit the form could result in the request for removal of your project.  Approval by the county is separate from the arch review committee.  Residents will also need to get any necessary approval from the county as needed.  

The first step, is to fill out the Architectural form ---->

Then email to

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