Meet Eutaw Forest HOA Board of Directors

Paige Quillin – President

I am a Washingtonian native and have lived in Eutaw Forest for 15 years.  While house hunting, we drove through Eutaw Forest and saw joggers, families walking their children and got many waves- we knew we had found the right place to live, we love it here!  I have served on the board for over 12 years in many capacities and am now happy to help in this role.  Our past presidents have done a great job and I hope to keep the momentum going to keep Eutaw Forest one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Charles County.  Our all-volunteer board works hard to uphold the covenants and to make this a wonderful place to live. I encourage all residents to take an active part, whether that is joining the board, volunteering for a committee or attending the HOA events- it really does take all of us to make this a great community!

Eric Shelton – Vice President

An Arizona native and former Airman, we've moved around a lot and were lucky enough to call Eutaw Forest home in September of 2017. My wife and kids had never seen fireflies before, and we knew this was the place for us when we saw how many other families and kids were around. We've fallen so in love with it, I'm considering changing jobs just to stay here.

Stephanie Hession - Treasurer
Stephanie is a Charles County native and has been a homeowner in Eutaw Forest since 2015.  Her favorite things about the neighborhood are having a safe environment for her children to play and her wonderful kind neighbors. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and has 8 years of experience as an economic and commercial real estate analyst.  She is currently a full-time wife and mom of 6 young children.

Jenny Roberson - Secretary/Architectural Review Board Member

Originally from California I have lived in Maryland for all of my adult life and what I enjoy about Eutaw Forest is the beautiful reminder it has of my childhood neighborhood.  My husband and I were considering other states prior to coming to Southern Maryland, but from the first time we saw our house, met the sellers we fell in love with every aspect of Eutaw Forest.  The icing on the cake was being surrounded by amazing, kind and generous neighbors.  As the Secretary of the HOA Board I look forward in working together in making Eutaw Forest a neighborhood that is caring, friendly and inspired by the people who live here.

Additional Board Members

Robert Tafares- Ground Manager

Retired US Air Force Colonel and high school vice principal.  Was a base commander responsible for  large housing areas.  Have owned a home in Eutaw Forest since 1990 although away for more than 10 years on various assignments.  Joined the Home Owners Association to put something back into a wonderful community.  Hope to not only encourage more neighborliness but improve the beauty of the Forest.  Hope to make Eutaw Forest like a small town where we all say hello to each other and help others when needed. We have two kids, boy and girl, five grand kids and one great grand.  You will see three of my grand kids here when school is out in New York.  The others live in Texas.  So it is my wife, I and the king of the house, our dog Cody living here.

Mike Yestramski - Architectural Review Board Member

Katie Shelton - Community Park Liaison

Danna Smith

Stuart Richman

Jean Keppler

Nichole Wright Cummings

Alma Miller

Hayley Bacon

Dena Langley

Vanessa Brown

Ashleigh Stovall
Briel Banks
I grew up here in Eutaw Forest and returned to the neighborhood to take care of family in 2014. I think it is the loveliest neighborhood and I love the community! I have become friends with so many of my neighbors.