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Frequently Asked Questions About Covenants

The following answers are guidelines of covenants for all residents of the Eutaw Forest Subdivision.  These guidelines are summarized from the Declaration of Covenants found in the Eutaw Forest Homeowners Handbook which all residents should have available to them either in print or online at  Please understand that these covenants are part of an effort to provide all residents with the best quality of life while residing here in our community.  Upon purchasing a home in this subdivision, you agreed to follow these covenants and are bound to make every effort possible in upholding them as they pertain to your property.  We, the Association, understand that often times when homes are inspected for covenant violations, it is only a snap-shot of what your home may look like temporarily.  In this event, please make any adjustments to your property and no further action will be taken by the association.  Since our association is made up of volunteers we try not to overtask them and will only be conducting inspections quarterly (unless deemed necessary otherwise).  If you are found to be compliant upon subsequent inspections, no further communication will be needed.  In the event of severe violations, you may receive additional communication regarding the violations.  We hope that all homeowners can be understanding and cooperative in our efforts to uphold the covenants that aim to make our community the wonderful place it is to live. 

Can I run a business out of my home?

No business or occupation of any kind, other than that which is allowed by County ordinances may, be carried on or permitted on any lot. Daycare, direct sales such as Mary Kay, and online business are some of the exceptions.  


Can I put up a shed or workshop?

No building or other structure shall be erected or altered unless plans have been submitted and approved by the Architectural Review Committee.  Each home is allowed no more than 2 out buildings.  

Can I park on the road in front of my home?

While it is not against covenants to park alongside the road, it is highly discouraged (by the Association and local law enforcement).  Narrow roads are furthered hindered when residents choose to park in the road.  There have also been numerous fender benders caused by careless drivers striking parked cars.  The Association asks that any temporary parking along the road be as far onto the grass as possible and with the flow of traffic.  Permanent parking requires residents to add a parking surface (gravel, stone, blacktop, etc) with a defined perimeter as necessary (wood, curbing, brick paver, etc.).  Please consult our Arch Review Committee and fill out an Arch Review Form before completing any parking space work.  Consulting with the county may also be necessary but is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Can I update my existing fence?

Fences may not be erected or altered without first submitting a form to the Architectural Review Committee.  No fences may be placed in front of homes.  No chain link fences are permitted

Are their rules regarding type of mailbox?

Mailboxes shall be maintained in a neat and orderly manner.  Homeowners are allowed to choose their own mailbox style and post. 

What is expected of my yard?

Property shall be in a state of neat appearance.  Any items in need of repair shall be taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. Garbage cans and recycling bins should not be visible from the road and should only be placed by the road upon pick up days.  No commercial vehicles over one ton should be habitually parked on any lot unless it is garaged  Private vehicles such as trailers, boats, recreational, may be parked on a hard surface OR on the grass as long as the grass is maintained regularly.  No signs  may be erected or placed upon any lot without written permission from the Association. 

Can I get a horse? (or chicken, goat, etc)

No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept on a lot except that of domesticated animals.  Pets are not permitted to roam unattended on any property other than that of the pet owner. 


Can I hang a clothesline?

Shall be kept behind homes. 

Can I erect chain link fence?

Chain link fencing is not allowed on a homeowner's property.  Some owners had Chain Link Fences installed prior to the HOA covenants becoming law.  These owners and Fences are grandfathered and therefore allowed. If you have questions regarding this, please email us.  

Please see your homeowner’s handbook for additional information/clarity on these covenants.  If you further seek clarification, please contact any board member for assistance. 

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