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Eutaw Forest Homeowners Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking on the Road:

While it is not against covenants to park alongside the road, it is highly discouraged.  Narrow roads are furthered hindered when residents choose to park in the road.  There have also been numerous fender benders caused by careless drivers striking parked cars.  The Association asks that any temporary parking along the road be as far onto the grass as possible and with the flow of traffic.  Permanent parking requires residents to add a parking surface (gravel, stone, blacktop, etc) with a defined perimeter as necessary (wood, curbing, brick paver, etc.).  Please consult our Arch Review Committee and fill out an Arch Review Form before completing any parking space work.  Consulting with the county may also be necessary but is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Street Lights:

Street light placement, upkeep and monthly electricity charges would be the responsibility of the residents through the Association.  Monthly electricity fees are ever changing and would raise the yearly dues to an amount that is unknown. Due to the high cost of implementation and upkeep it has been decided that street lights will not be placed in Eutaw Forest.  Residents are encouraged to provide their own lighting to suffice the needs of their private property.  


Speed Bumps/Speed Signs:

Eric Shelton – has been looking into the installation of speed control for over one year. To assess the speed, they will be setting up speed capturing devices between Eutaw Forest and Captain Dement and may extend to other streets to assess the speed. From there the County will start the evaluation process with help from the neighborhood to see if we qualify for speed humps. Traffic calming programs – a new program just enacted in 2017 by the County and is a point-based system. Please refer to their website to review and read the County’s complete document. 

Snow Removal/Storm Water Management/Potholes/Culvert Pipes:

Roads within our subdivision are maintained by the Charles County Road division.  We are unable to privately contract our own snow removal for roads in our subdivision.  However, individual homeowners are welcome to hire someone to clear their own driveway. If you are experiencing any erosion, drainage, or culvert pipe issues on your property, please place a call to the Charles County Roads Department.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to regularly check AND clear ditches and drains to be sure they are functioning properly.  Should you notice an issue, there is a good chance it could be disturbing the overall effectiveness of the drainage system in our neighborhood.  Most often, the county will come out and complete the necessary work at no cost to the homeowner. If you notice any issues with our roads such as potholes or erosion, please contact the county.  Charles County Roads Department 301-932-3450

Garbage/Trash Removal:

Homeowners are responsible for hiring their own trash service.  The HOA does NOT provide trash removal services.  See our New Homeowners section for suggestion of companies.  In the event that a homeowner is not properly disposing of trash, the HOA may pay to have it removed and bill the homeowner for the expense.  This is on a case by case basis.  

Issues with a neighbor:

If you are having issues with a neighbor (parking, noise, lawn, etc.), the HOA asks that your first speak with your neighbor and try to come up with a friendly solution to your problem.  We are ALL part of the HOA, therefore it is the homeowner's responsibly to be pro-active and they to mitigate a solution as their first course of action.  Should the issue persist, and it fall within the realm of HOA covenants, please feel free to contact the HOA.  If a resident has a neighbor that has loud parties, plays loud music etc. the Association asks that they talk to their neighbor to try and work out the issue.  If the issue persists residents are advised to call the Charles County Sheriff’s non-emergency number to report the issue.  The Association does not mediate disputes between neighbors.  



Issues with Animals/Pets:

If an issue involves animals, please try to resolve and bring the matter to the EF Group Facebook page or address directly with your neighbor before contacting Animal Control.  Pets mean so much to their owners.  But if you do need to contact Animal Control.


As of 2017, VanGo should not be doing daily stops in our neighborhood, unless they are called to do a pick-up/drop-off of a resident.  Please understand, many residents in our neighborhood DO use VanGo, so it is possible that you will see a bus driving through daily.  However, you should not see a bus driving through regularly several times a day.  If you see them frequently and they are not picking someone up please place a call to Van-Go.  You can also notify the HOA, and we will do our best to contact the county or call them directly at 301-645-0642

Mosquito Spraying:

Our neighborhood pays the County fee each year so we can have mosquito control through the summer months.  This fee is currently part of the yearly dues.

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